Jewish, the Musical

Introducing "Jewish, the Musical": A Groundbreaking Celebration of Jewish Heritage

"Jewish, the Musical" is an ambitious, groundbreaking project that aims to bring the richness and depth of Jewish culture to the global stage. By translating, adapting, and showcasing the most cherished Jewish songs in English, our mission is to foster understanding, respect, and appreciation for Jewish heritage while entertaining and captivating audiences worldwide.

The heart of our project is the story of Emma Glick, a 10th-grade student navigating her Jewish identity in a modern world where fitting in is essential. Our journey will take audiences through Emma's life, as the project unfolds in standalone singles, a movie, and a Broadway musical. At its core, "Jewish, the Musical" is about preserving and promoting Jewish history and culture, creating timeless hits that resonate with audiences for generations.

Our competitive advantage is our unique, copyrighted lyrics, translated and adapted by the talented Olga Anikina. Her work captures the essence of Jewish songs while making them universally appealing and emotionally impactful. Our goal is to collaborate with exceptional translators who can preserve the magic of Anikina's work, ensuring that the English translations captivate even more than the Russian originals.

We have set out to achieve a wide range of objectives, from translating and adapting over 35 Jewish songs to creating a movie and Broadway musical. We also aim to foster understanding and appreciation of Jewish culture, collaborate with renowned musicians and composers, implement strategic marketing campaigns, and organize educational programs and workshops.

Our interactive website and mobile app will offer engaging resources, such as song lyrics, background stories, and historical context, while our merchandise line will provide fans with clothing, accessories, and collectibles inspired by "Jewish, the Musical." We'll also engage with fans on social media platforms, providing exclusive content and behind-the-scenes insights.

To ensure the longevity and continued success of "Jewish, the Musical," we will explore opportunities to adapt the project into different formats, such as television series, podcasts, or books. We'll organize charity events, develop a scholarship program, and monitor trends and developments in the music, film, and theater industries.

At the helm of "Jewish, the Musical" is Hudson Kin, a lyricist, musical theater writer, and member of The American Dramatists Guild based in New York City. As part of the broader "Jewish Songs for All" initiative, Hudson Kin's business entity, Double Sign LLC, has commissioned Olga Anikina's exceptional translations and adaptations of Jewish songs. Hudson Kin's vision, investment, and passion for the project are the driving forces behind its success.

We invite Hollywood and Broadway executives, sponsors, seed investors, and esteemed industry leaders and creators to join us on this extraordinary journey as we celebrate the richness and diversity of Jewish culture. We warmly welcome the participation of Reboot Studios' advisory board members, including Amy Israel, Benj Pasek, David Greenbaum, Jeb Brody, Jenny Steingart, Michael Ellenberg, Raymond Roker, Rebecca Arzoian, and Riva Marker, as well as other influential figures in the world of entertainment, media, and culture.

With your support, "Jewish, the Musical" will become a pioneering, global cultural phenomenon that not only entertains but also educates and inspires audiences worldwide. Together, let's make a lasting impact on the global cultural landscape through the power of music, storytelling, and creative collaboration.

Moreover, we extend our invitation to all those passionate about music, theater, and the celebration of diverse cultures. Whether you are an artist, producer, educator, or simply an enthusiastic supporter of the arts, your contribution and involvement can make a difference. As we embark on this exciting journey, we believe that the collective power of our diverse and talented community will enable "Jewish, the Musical" to reach its full potential and create a lasting impact on the hearts and minds of audiences across the globe.

We cordially invite you to embark on this remarkable journey with us by discovering our first demos of Jewish songs in English. Together, let us unveil the captivating beauty of these songs to the world and ensure their legacy resonates with future generations.

Warm regards,

Hudson Kin

Creator of "Jewish, the Musical"

New York City, USA

Phone: +1-646-431-2952


Songs of the Holocaust (Jewish, the Musical)

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