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Jewish, the Musical

Jewish, the Musical is based on the life of Sigmund Freud who attributed his intellectual independence to his being Jewish and presents some stories through the lens of his theory. The story is wrapped in this year's school musical libretto a teacher just finished for his Grade Tens who are going to present their annual show first time ever on Times Square and though it sounds too old-fashioned to Millennials, it's definitely a tribute to Mr. Shapiro's own cultural identity, so he dishes out left and right his strict directions on how every number must sound. However, the students have other plans. As the concert unfolds, the teenagers’ deliberately contemporary, almost rebellious versions along with their personal romances and anxieties begin to take over the show as Mr. Shapiro tries frantically to keep a lid on things to the delight of the live-streaming YouTube and TV audiences, as well as cheerful crowds of Times Square. 

Jewish, the Musical p
resents the best of Jewish song and dance through the comedic crazy-straw of a high school show gone wrong and the teacher trying to keep chaos together. Most of the songs stem from the traditional tunes with original lyrics in English. Among the melodies that the score is based on are "Tumbalalaika", "Dayenu", "Sisu Vesimhu", "A Bissele Mazel", "Tango in Auschwitz", "Mezinka", "Hava Nagila" and other Jewish standards often fusing klezmer with pop, hip hop, and ballroom swing.  

Jewish, the Musical tells the story of Manhattan public high school students discovering and accepting each other's ethnic identities through the story of Sigmund Freud and cool songs.  Flashbacks from the rivers of Babylon, young Freud in Vienna University who hears an insult hurled his way and confronts the person, as well as the liberation day in Buchenwald, President Truman's recognition of Israel, grandma's Channukah candles melting all night, people on TV mama always points out exclaiming "He/she is Jewish!", the talk therapy, "Lehaim, dude!" and a superhero from a metaverse all come alive in this flamboyant spectacle that makes you think "Jewish... Now I know what that means."  

Jewish, the Musical (first demos)

Under development by Walter J. Kin, a member of the Dramatists Guild of America

P.S. JewishNext and Jewish, the Musical unequivocally support and promote the values of friendship, inclusion, tolerance, and diversity.