Jewish, the Musical

Jewish, the Musical tells the story of discovering and embracing one's ethnic and cultural identity through exploring English versions of the best and most important Jewish songs.  It's happening in present-day NYC public school (Manhattan Arts) which presents its annual school show this time on Times Square which is being broadcast live on major TV channels, as well as on Facebook, YouTube, and other social media platforms.  The short musical was written by a music teacher Ms. Olga Shapiro and reflects her vision of the history of Jewish people told in songs and dances. For several years she translated and adapted most of the popular Yiddish and Hebrew songs, first to Russian, her native tongue, and then to English. The new translations and adaptations include "Hava Nagila", "Tumbalalaika", "Oyfn Pripetchik", "Yossel, Yossel", "A Yiddishe Mama", "Hatikvah", "Kahol ve Lavan , "A Bisele Mazel", "Hev
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