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Jewish, the Musical

Jewish, the Musical tells the story of Jewish people in short dialogue, songs, and dances, which are presented by eight students of the Manhattan Arts Public School during the annual school performance in front of Times Square audiences. Only two out of eight students are Jewish, but the rehearsals and the show itself become a way for 10 Grade students to learn about the culture and history of the people who are at the center of the musical and also start their own quests to discoverr their own ethnic roots as part of their American identity. Manhattan Arts is a specialized public high school concentrated on music arts, very tightly connected with The Julliard School and NYU Musical Theatre Program and most of its students aspire to have careers in music and especially in music theatre (Broadway). This year's show was written and is being prepared under the close supervision of their new music teacher Olga Shapiro.  Olga is a Ukrainian-born singer-songwriter and translator of Yidd