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Jewish, the Musical

Jewish, the Musical tells the story of discovering and embracing Jewish identity by two public school teenagers through songs, Jewish songs.  The show is in English and the songs, like "Hava Nagila", "Tumbalalaika", "Hatikvah" and other Jewish standards are translated and/or adapted to English and integrated into scenes highlighting important milestones of Jewish history told in song and dances.  The songs are arranged in different styles, but most notably in klezmer pop and swing, as well as hip hop, ballroom, often with  Chasidic jazz connotations .  It's a story of two Jewish teenagers, a boy, and a girl, who are just friends and try to figure out how to embrace their Jewish cultural identity in the public school of Manhattan while staying cool among their classmates.   Every year students of the Manhattan Music Arts public school prepare an annual concert in the form of a musical, and this time it's called "Jewish, the Musical". The a